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Talc Powder Manufacturers

Mughne group of companies are prominent Talc Suppliers and Talc Powder Manufacturers who supply talc of high purity and whiteness, features that are often important requirements for use in Paints, Plastic, Pharmaceutical, Polymer, Rubber, Refractories, etc industries. Our Talc Powder is of high purity, high whiteness, glossy, transparent and translucent, produced exclusively from best source of mines in India to ensure consistency and traceability.

We also manufacture Talc Powder that can be used in surface coatings including flat emulsion surface coatings, semi-gloss emulsion surface coatings, outdoor wood surface coatings, textured surface coatings, high solids solvent free coatings, primers, alkyd topcoats, heavy duty maintenance and marine surface coatings, electro coating, gel coats and polyester and epoxy putties. The grade of talc used is a choice made by the client dependent on their specific requirements for talc powder purity, talc powder whiteness, talc powder particle size and price.

Composition Of Talc Powder

1 Loss on Ignition 5 %
2 Loss on Drying 0.05 %
3 MgO 29.5 %
4 SiO2 61.5 %
5 Fe2O3 2.56 %
6 CaO 0.56 %
7 Soluble Salts 0.2 %
8 Al2O3 0.55 %
9 Acid Soluble Substance 2.5 %
10 pH (at 10%) 8.5 -9.5
11 Arsenic Nil
12 Asbestos fibres Nil
13 Mesh 200 to 700
14 Brightness 78% to 98%

What We Do

We are a leading mineral mining company & top-rated Talc Suppliers based in Pakistan providing mineral products locally and to the international market.
  • Our main product consists of different grades of talc which are used in different industries.
  • We also provide various qualities and forms of fluorite to our customers.
  • We mine different variations of chromite from our company owned mountains.

Business Plan Market

As a leading Talc Manufacturer, we have one of the largest business market share locally and have also made our mark in the international market. Our aim is to:/p>

  • Produce the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis and work for the well being of the local population.
  • Lower our cost of production through use of latest equipment and with large scale of operation reducing cost and to help us to maintain strict quality requirements of our customers.
  • Ensures uninterrupted production and timely supplies to our clients.
Telephone: +92-21-32640325
Suit # 14th, 15th Floor, BRR Tower, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan.